How to use the Azure CLI to clone Azure DevOps work items with variable expansion support

Azure DevOps provides several different ways to create or copy work items. In this post I dive into how to use one the newer methods: the Azure DevOps extension for Azure CLI. This toolset offers powerful automation opportunities to customize the work item clone process and add things like variable expansion.

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How to visually highlight overdue work items on an Azure DevOps sprint board

A couple years back I wrote a tutorial on how to highlight blocked work items on an Azure DevOps sprint board (here). This post is a similar walkthrough but describes the process for overdue and due soon work items.

Providing a visual highlight for these items is a great way for the development team and product owners to quickly see which work is considered time sensitive and potentially overdue.

Note: These changes do not require any extensions, but they do require project collection administrator access rights to complete.

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Deploying React web applications in Microsoft Azure with Azure Pipelines

This post is the second in a two part series on React JS. The first post covered design decisions to make before starting a project, and this post provides tips for building and deploying React web applications in Microsoft Azure with Azure Pipelines.

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