Book Review: Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production

Docker is a powerful container platform originally designed for Linux, but quickly became popular enough to receive native support on Windows. I first read Docker training material that took more of a Linux-first approach and loved what I saw. However my day-to-day work is still typically Microsoft/Azure stack so I was looking for a good book that takes on the nuances of working with Docker in a Windows or Azure environment.

I found Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production with Docker on Windows by Elton Stoneman to be really helpful for that purpose. This post is my quick review of the 1st edition.

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Book review: Production-Ready Microservices by Susan J. Fowler

Recently, I picked up Susan J. Fowler’s book, Production-Ready Microservices. It was a quick read and it provided an excellent outline for implementing standards across a microservice ecosystem in large organizations. I would definitely recommend it for software engineers or site reliability engineers (SRE’s) who work with microservices.
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